WTN 2017

“It starts with a tremor. A light pulse. A fever that’s slowly creeping in. An itch you could scratch but never could relieve. Dry lips, cold sweat and all. That’s how it begins. But if you choose to be brave enough, you might find yourself ending it with those three words. If only to come full circle, yet again. So with courage allow me to ask.

Where to next?” — WTN

You need a plan. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to go somewhere far and expensive and do it right away — unless you’re filthy rich. Money is not the only thing you need though! You should also have a game plan. A strategy. You need something to have all your thoughts organized. A handy-dandy notebook. The one with photos. List of provinces. Things to do. All these… and more.

And so we bought the Where To Next planner to start 2017.

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This is a dateless planner so you can carry on with all your other plans on years to follow.

What’s inside: 

A 2017-2018 calendar
Vacation Leave List
Checklist of 81 provinces in the Philippines
Dateless columns
Pre-made Bucketlist (swim, hike, bite, ride, shoot, learn, Southeast Asia bucket list)
Make Your Own Bucket List
Fun Page (Sodoku, Word Finder and Tic Tac Toe)
Movies and Music Checklist 
Backpacker’s Checklist (things to bring for personal and group needs)
Blank pages for notes

WTN sticker

The planner itself is amounting to 595 Php, additional 70 Php if you want it delivered via Xend within Metro Manila and another 78 Php for PayPal/debit card payments.

The WTN planner is a must-have because it’s dateless so don’t need to buy one every year anymore. It’s handy so you can put it in your bag and take it with you every time, although this edition’s cover can easily get mucky because of its color (I suggest that you just handle it with care). Should we buy another one? Nope. I think it’ll take us more than a year to accomplish everything that’s inside so thinking of the bigger picture, it’s not that expensive at all.

Cheers to more adventures and misadventures from year 2017 onwards!

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