“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahillal 

I beg to disagree with what Mr. Cahillal said! Why settle for one if you can have both? This is a later-than-late post but it has to be documented because this is our first ever distant travel as buddies! So this… therefore… is history! LOL.

The cheapest way to travel is to visit someone’s hometown on a fiesta — and that’s what I did! We went to Bicol to celebrate fiesta where food and accommodation are free and everything else comes cheaper at the market.

We went there via Cebu Pac and took a 14-hour bus ride to Manila via RSL Bus.

DISCLAIMER: Travel date was September 25, 2014 so I’m just writing the things that I can vividly evoke and the format of this may be a little different from the rest of the blogs that we’re gonna write — there’s always an exception for firsts.  

Upon arrival, we went straight to Legazpi. It was a little foggy and drizzly when we got there so I didn’t see how perfectly coned the Mayon Volcano is. It is known to be the most active yet still symmetrically shaped volcano in the Philippines so seeing a little of its visible portion is already priceless.

Listening to Yza’s tita, I’ve learned that it’s not just the remains of Cagsawa Church that survived volcanic eruption but also the convent. It used to be a Franciscan church that almost got obliterated when the Mayon Volcano erupted centuries ago.

After having our seemingly-endless photo session, we had our lunch at the Small Talk Cafe. I had the laing pasta for 110 Php. I can no longer recall what my companions ate since these all happened more than a year ago — but I guess that’s just fine! (Sorry, I also lost the picture!)

We rested for a while and drove ATVs from Mayon ATV Tour. We took the Mayon ATV Challenge for 45 minutes using 150 cc single ATV for 599 Php. Fortunately, mine got busted and they had no more 150 cc available so they let me drive a 350 cc double ATV at the same price.

I can no longer remember how the order of our activities went but we toured Ligñon Hill and Baywalk of Legazpi as well.

Ligñon Hill is a nature park that offers zipline, a view deck where you can see a panoramic view of the surrounding cities including Mayon Volcano, and other extreme sports such as rappelling, biking, hiking and more! Since it was drizzling, we were only able to see the view deck but it’s still a picture-worthy sight!

After Legazpi, we went to Irosin, Sorsogon while eating the sili ice cream that Yza’s lola bought.

There are 3 levels (3 being the spiciest) and I was only able to consume up to level 2! I tried eating a spoonful of level 3 but I just couldn’t take it anymore. At least I was still able to taste it unlike my friend. LOL.

We spent the entire duration of our stay at Yza’s house and I’m soooo grateful of her family who accommodated me.

We also went to Bulusan Lake and Bulusan Volcano National Park. Entrance fee was 10 Php.

For 3 consecutive days, we went to the beach and hot and cold springs.

It was fiesta so we played gun and ball shooting at the funfair and won keychains as consolation prizes.

After 5 days we finally went home and I must say that it’s the loooooooongest bus ride that I ever had so far. Based on my bus-riding history, this was the first time I ever slept tight inside a bus (I know I said I wouldn’t, but I did anyway). Now I always find myself napping even on a 2-hour bus ride even if I’m not sick!

Total expenses? Oooops. Sorry. As much as I’d like to have it itemized, this travel took place a while back so it’s just some snippets of information that I can impart now. This is our first post so I guess we can let that pass. I’m still writing this down to salvage what’s left in my memory… It’s still clear though, no matter how much info we forget about this trip, one thing will remain certain: this was the start of us being travel buddies and a lot of other memorable trips had been made, planned and done after it.

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