Where to eat in Batanes

Food… oh food… this is what we always look forward to whenever we travel (second to scenery of course… or maybe not? hahaha).
We were in Batanes and they transport every spice from somewhere else so it’s expected that everything is expensive — but that’s ok! Good thing we came there prepared.
Located beside Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant where we stayed. This restaurant offers a stunning view of the beach and a great serving of pasta! We actually ate a lot but the only thing I can still recall is how great their pasta serving is! I enjoyed it so much that I even consumed the pasta that Yza ordered! We had our lunch here after our North Batan Trip and asked for a delivery for dinner the night after that — that’s how good it is!
As recommended by Kuya Froilan after our South Batan Trip. This restaurant is also situated walking distance to our lodge. It is known for serving Ivatan cuisine but compared to Octagon Bed and Dine, this is a little bit costly. We had the Ivatan rice and the serving is already good for 4-5 people. We actually saved 1 mealtime because we took home what’s left of our lunch. I told you it’s good for 4-5 people.
Located inside Fundacion Pacita. Compared to the one above, this restaurant is located 10 minutes via tricycle from where we stayed. The place itself is oh sooo picture-worthy, on an elevated hill overlooking boundless green fields… but the price is also oh sooo lavish.
We asked for a 12″ ham and cheese pizza delivery from the reception. It’s i typical ham and cheese pizza but the price seems comparable to the larger ones in Manila. It’s delicious though!

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