Batanes: Rakuh-a-idi (Fountain of Youth)


This man-made spring is situated in Mahatao, Batanes. A tour to this spot is usually not included in North and South Batan tour packages so you need to dedicate time to go there on a separate date. The Rakuh-a-idi has a scenic view overlooking the beach with Mount Iraya beyond that.

The easiest way to go there is to rent a tricycle to Diura Village. It’s a 45-minute drive from where we stayed plus another 45-minute trek claiming to be just 30 — maybe we’re not that physically fit to do it that fast.

We went there by ourselves following nothing but the signs and what the tricycle driver had instructed us. We were told to walk, walk, and walk until we see an arrow to the Crystal Caves… but don’t mind it because we’re going straight ahead until we see a wooden gate. We needed to lift each log so we can pass by it and lock it back so no animals would enter the vicinity.

The road to trek doesn’t quite involve rocks and bumps as it’s a little paved at the start. Yep, it gets steeper as you continue to walk on so I suggest that you bring water (and some snacks) with you. Phone signal is intermittent, just in case you should now.

There are 2 nipa huts by the cold spring and a loo at the back so you can change your clothes after swimming. The clear water comes straight from the mountain making it cold.


Not everybody that goes to Batanes visits the Rakuh-a-idi. It’s in a secluded area requiring a lot of steps — literally. If you’re not into exhausting your feet for something as seemingly natural as this man-made spring… Nah, scratch that! I recommend this place even if you’re not fond of walking! Lol. Why not? It’s all worth it in the end.


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